„miriam crespo paints a rich picture of musical imagery with a depth that borders on the magnificent. indie-folk like no other!“ (jamsphere)

her voice is warm and soft, her songs are a blend of indie-folk and americana: sometimes quiet, vulnerable and melancholically dreamy, sometimes powerful and rough and always sincere – this is miriam crespo, a basel based singer-songwriter with spanish roots. at the center of her songs are powerful stories whose truths will get under your skin. she has a knack for catchy melodies and ballads that are thought-provoking, but always bear a spirit of optimism.

she has been playing live on the road since mid-2012, and has performed at the utica music and arts festival in new york. she gained the attention of the media for the first time with her first ep („this is not a demo – this is an ep“) in 2013. miriam crespo’s debut album, „in the bones all along“ was produced by luk zimmerman (lunik) and dave muther (anna känzig, bliss) and will be released march 27th.

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