Miriam Crespo Miriam Crespo


in the bones all along (2015)

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„in the bones all along“ marks miriam crespo’s debut, featuring 12 primarily acoustic, intimate indie-folk songs. with 3 songs in the uk songwriting contest’s semi-finals, and wide critical acclaim, „in the bones all along“ is lush and lyrical and reflects the singer-songwriter’s craftsmanship, maturity and sensitivity when painting musical imagery.


the band:
miriam crespo (voc)
steve grob (bass)
stefan huber (guit)
dionys müller (drums/percussion)
tarzis müller (keys)
chris heath (voc on „untitled/self-portrait“)
patrik horat (drums on „friday smile“ and „untitled/self-portrait“)
cristina janett (cello on „lullaby for a sleepless night“)
david muther (violin on „lullaby for a sleepless night“)

all songs written and composed by miriam crespo for crispy records

arranged by:
stefan huber (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10 and 11)
miriam crespo, steve grob, stefan huber, dionys müller, tarzis müller (3 and 6)
miriam crespo, steve grob, stefan huber (9)
miriam crespo, steve grob (12)
miriam crespo (8)

produced by david muther & luk zimmermann (influx studios)
mastered by oli boesch
artwork by modulator
photography by jean-luc cramatte (freenews)
illustrations by selina kallen